Michelle Moments

This is where I plan on sharing some of the things I am learning in my personal Bible studies. I'm going to try not to overthink things that I write here. They will mostly be thought provoking things that I notice about what I'm reading. I hope to encourage you to dig deeper into God's Word. It's the best thing ever! The plan could be changing, look at the entry "Genesis 34 (2.12.24)".

2024 This year I'm doing a blended Bible reading. My Bible reading is going with The Bible Recap on YouVersion, but I'm not going as fast as it does because I'm also using principles from the book "Fuel to Ignite Your Soul" by Ross Hill and color coding my Bible as I read it. 

2023 Daily reading:  I'm studying from Historical plan on the YouVersion app. You can start any time of year. I'm doing this plan "with a friend" through the app. You can choose to invite a friend when you start a new study, my friend invited me and I'm glad she did! At the end of the daily plan, there's place to talk it over. Here it says "Based on today's reading, what is one thing God is saying to you?' Only the participants can see this. I noticed, as the days went on, I paid more attention to what I was reading and what I noticed in what I was reading and what God was saying to me. It wasn't long until I was writing more than they gave me room. That's when I decided to share it here! So sorry that I did a terrible job of getting my Michelle Moments on here in 2023, I'll try to better in 2024!

~Michelle Yeager

  • Update on Jim Yeager (3.21.24)

    It’s (past) time for an update on Jim Yeager (3.21.24)

    Jim and I are grateful to God that we are enjoying “Bonus Time”! We are truly enjoying life! The reality is, we all live on bonus time- none of us truly know when our last day is! So, Jim and I encourage everyone to live as if they are on bonus time. It’s sobering how many arguments are diffused because they are more menial than we realize. We also have a tendency to work out problems more effectively with this mind set.  

    The short story is in February 2023, cancer quickly metastasized to Jim’s upper left lung and a few lymph nodes around his lung, heart and aorta. It’s inoperable and two VERY hard palliative chemotherapies were recommended. Jim has done mostly great with the news. Me, up until about 5 months ago, not so much, at least at the subconscious level. On the outside, spiritually and mostly mentally, I was doing good. But it felt like a war in my body, like my body wasn’t listening to me. Thankfully, God, family, friends and my doctor helped me.

    As of March 21, 2024, over a year after finding out cancer had again metastasized, God is still keeping the cancer at bay! The cancer went from growing fast to the last check, very minimal growth! We truly give God all the glory! We know God has given us more time with Jim! We know “God is still holding the cancer at bay” and we are enjoying “living” life together! Jim will turn 65 in May and is still going strong and preaching 3 messages almost every week! 

    To God be the glory! ~Michelle Yeager

    The more detailed version follows.

    Jim was diagnosed with colorectal cancer on May 29, 2018- almost 6 years ago! He had surgery to remove the cancer and they removed about a foot of his colon and some lymph nodes. We prayed about it and decided to do chemotherapy and radiation. The chemo he took was by pills and multiple types of chemo via port. 

    In April 2019, after a few weeks break from chemo, Jim had scans to see how the treatments worked on the cancer. Unfortunately, it was found to have metastasized to his liver- while on chemo. This was pretty difficult, but we turned to God. We along with many people prayed for God to heal Jim. He was sent to a specialist of specialist in OKC and the doctor said it was possible for a hard chemotherapy to shrink and prevent it from spreading along with surgery to remove the cancer. We prayed and felt God said to go ahead with this treatment. This chemotherapy was very hard on Jim. In fact, it was so hard, he was unable to finish it all out. Then when tests were run, the chemo didn’t shrink any of the tumors, but he also didn’t have any new places show up, so the doctor felt confident to proceed with the liver resection surgery. He had the liver resection and  micro ablation on October 15, 2019. This surgery is usually a 5-7 day hospital stay, mostly for pain management. But Jim has such a high pain tolerance, they released him just under 48 hours! After much prayer, Jim decided he didn’t want to do chemotherapy after surgery, especially since it didn’t shrink the cancer.

    In October 2021, Jim decided after 2 years of great results, to get his port removed. We kept going regularly to his oncology appointments every 3 months to get blood tests, watching tumor markers and ct scans every 6-12 months. Remember to pray for cancer survivors and their families, it can be mentally exhausting, every time.

    In November of 2022, things changed. Jim’s tumor markers suddenly went into the “danger zone“. The search for cancer began. The many tests began. The horrible waiting began. Jim was doing

    good and I was doing ok consciously, but subconsciously I wasn’t. I was having nightmares and not sleeping much. God led me to talk to my doctor and for me to get a team or circle of ladies that I could talk to. I was praying and felt closer to God in many ways than I had ever before.

    Finally, in February of 2023 we had an appointment to get some answers. We decided to take a sabbatical days before and days after we had the appointment to hear the plan of action. By this time, Jim had decided if God wanted him to do chemo again, he would. On our sabbatical, Jim led us to pray together and also pray alone. It was a wonderful time with our Lord! God kept giving me the word “live”. And God kept telling Jim “I’ve been keeping the cancer at bay.” And then He said, “I will keep it at bay until it’s time.” This time with God was so good and gave us peace in the midst of our storm.

    In the middle of our sabbatical, we met with Jim’s oncologist. He told us the cancer had metastasized to his left upper lung, but also to several lymph nodes that were close to his lung, heart and aorta… and it was inoperable. The only option we had was “palliative chemotherapy”. What is that? Do those two words even go together? The chemo he said he would use was the really hard chemo Jim couldn’t finish plus one that would probably be equally as hard. That was a hard blow.

    We returned to our sabbatical to see what God wanted us to do with the words He gave us and the oncologist’s plan of action. We determined that if God said He would hold it at bay, He would hold it at bay, without chemo because taking that specific chemo wasn’t living. 

    After a while, Jim was still doing pretty good mentally, but I wasn’t doing good, especially physically. It was like my body wasn’t understanding how I felt mentally and spiritually. In October 2023, I got to a pretty low spot. I talked with my doctor and he thought it was time for me to try medication. I’m thankful, I listened. Soon after that, we had some dear friends invite us to a prayer meeting. At the time we didn’t realize we were the subject of the prayer meeting and they prayed for BOTH of us! And Jim prayed specifically over me. I tease Jim and say, I don’t know if God healed you or not, but He definitely healed me! It’s been like a reset for my body to listen to me mentally and especially spiritually. I believe God used the medication also. He still is. Jim also started doing even better mentally, because I was better. Win-Win!

    Recently, the oncologist told us that now we know when cancer was first discovered in May of 2018, Jim had stage 4 cancer. I think had we known that then, the treatment plan would have been different. I don’t think they would have done the surgeries and things that have given us more time. God is so good!

    Again, as of March 21, 2024, over a year after finding out cancer had again metastasized, God is still keeping the cancer at bay! The cancer went from growing fast to the last check, very minimal growth! We truly give God all the glory! We know God has given us more time with Jim! We know “God is still holding the cancer at bay” and we are enjoying “living” life together! Jim will turn 65 in May and is still going strong and preaching 3 messages almost every week! 

    To God be the glory! ~ Michelle Yeager

  • Instructions from the LORD Exodus 14 (3.2.24)

    Instructions from the LORD

    March 2, 2024

    Exodus 14 is packed full of good things for us to glean! I think I’ll break it down into bite size nuggets. The first break down is the first verse!

    Exodus 14:1-5

    1 Then the Lord gave these instructions to Moses:

    I think this verse is wonderful! How many times do we want the Lord to give us instructions on things going on in our lives? Well, I think He does more than we realize. Starting in the New Testament, all believers in Jesus Christ can have the Holy Spirit. However, in the Old Testament, every believer in God didn’t have the Holy Spirit. We can think of the Holy Spirt as the cloud by day and the fire by night to the Israelites through the wilderness, the Holy Spirit is our guide. NOTE: It is very important to remember 1) We should have NO other guide than the Holy Spirit of God Almighty! 2) The Holy Spirit will not guide you in anything that goes against the Bible 3) And if you need a test, false guides won’t say Jesus is MY LORD, this is how you know difference. Feel comfortable to email me if you have a question, see in #1.

    So, if we as believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, have the Holy Spirit as our guide, why don’t more of us experience this? This is a good question that I think one should ask God. For me, I think there were a few reasons. 

    1. I had made some vows that I didn’t realize. I was able to cancel them with the help of our Freedom In Christ Ministry (FICM). We would love to help you if you think you have made some vows, you can email me at if you have questions or are interested in learning more about this ministry. You see, these vows had caused interference, if you will, and made it too loud for me to hear the Holy Spirit. 
    2. I couldn’t discern the Holy Spirit leading me because I also wasn’t connected to the Vine, God. I didn’t have a regular time where I read God’s Word, prayed and listened for Him. Even after reading God’s Word regularly, it took some practice learning God’s Voice. Honestly, this side of heaven, I don’t know if I’ll ever be 100 percent sure or even correct with knowing God’s voice.
    3. This was huge for me, remember this statement: “Here I am”. Think of the people in the Old Testament that when they thought they heard God they replied, “Here am I”. They were saying, “Lord, I’m listening to You and I will do whatever You say even before I know what You ask!” It took me a while to learn this one and again, it will be continual learning this side of heaven.

    Remember that practice means we’ll make mistakes. There’s a dent in my mom’s car that is evidence of my practicing equals making mistakes. Practicing for me was more of me “brushing away what God was showing me” like one would shoo away a fly at first. Be quick to repent and apologize for such mistakes. Slowly, I began to learn. Now, I ere on the side of it being God while keeping in mind God is good and just and He will never contradict the Holy Bible. If it contradicts the Bible, I know immediately, it’s not God.

    Hopefully, these things will help you to hear the Lord give you Instructions. Sometimes those instructions can be hard as it was with what came after verse 1, but God protected them. It’s that way with me at times, but it’s so much better to follow God’s instructions than our own.

    Thanks for reading, Michelle Yeager

  • DETOURS Exodus 13:17-18  (2.26.24)

    Have you ever doubted that God was going to answer your prayer? Have you felt like you were on a detour? You may have even gotten angry about it! Let Exodus 13:17-18 help you understand those times a little better. 

    17When Pharaoh finally let the people go, God did not lead them along the main road that runs through Philistine territory, even though that was the shortest route to the Promised Land. God said, “If the people are faced with a battle, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.” 18So God led them in a roundabout way through the wilderness toward the Red Sea. Thus the Israelites left Egypt like an army ready for battle.

    The detour God sent them on was to protect them until they were stronger! He even did this to build their confidence! And let's remember, God had already been building their confidence in Himself with all the plagues and how He freed them!

    So, the next time God isn't working in your time frame, remember that God may have you on a detour for a reason. Ask God what He's waiting on! No, seriously, with a genuine heart, ask God to show you what you need to do or stop doing. Does God need to grow your faith or trust in Him? Do you need to see that God really is God, our creator? Or maybe you need to intercede for someone? God takes care of everyone's best interest who loves Him and even those He's calling to Himself.

    Open your heart completely to God, you won't be dissappointed!

    Pray with me: Lord, God, my creator, creator of the universe, I love you and I know You have my best interest on your heart. You even know what's better for me better than I do. I trust you completely with my life and I have faith that you know what's best for me. God, I ask you to show me in this situation that I've been praying for a while now, if there is anything I need to do or learn, I pray you show me and help me learn it. God, If there is anything I need to stop doing that you would help me to stop and teach me what I need to know and whether it's temporary or should I stop and not return to what you want me to stop. And God, show me if there's someone I need to be praying for, show me who it is so I can start praying for them today! In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

    Thanks for reading, Michelle Yeager

  • Genesis 33 (2.12.24)

    I'm still figuring out how I'm doing my Bible reading for this year along with writing this blog. I find myself trying to keep up with the daily Bible reading program, yet I'm getting so much more out of slowing down the reading and thinking about what I want to write down. I've noticed when I type vs. hand written, I write more information. Anyway, I hope you enjoy slowing down with me. I've been a person who rushes and hurries to do everything so I can do more. For the most part, I've enjoyed living life this way, but I also stayed up late and woke up early and didn't get much rest. I would also get sick a lot. So, I find myself slowing down in the last few years, and I'm enjoying that, too. So, I think I'm going to slow down a bit in my Bible reading and study, too.


    We left off in Gen. 32 where 1) Jacob wrestled with God; 2) Jacob won the match, but not without injury, or was it a reminder for Jacob? 3) Even though Jacob's hip was out of socket, he refused to let go unless "the man" blessed him; 4) "The man" gave Jacob a new name, Israel, that means wrestled with God

    got a new name, Israel. vs. 28 "The man" says "you have fought with God and men and have won. 5) Jacob named the place Peniel (which means "face of God". Jacob knew and said he saw God face to face and his life was spared. Wow!

    Gen. 33:1 Jacob looks up and saw for himself what his men had reported, Esau coming with his 400 men! He was afraid! Now, before you start shaking your head a poor Jacob for not trusting in God, put yourself in his position. How many times do we have this amazing personal Bible study or wonderful church service where the Holy Spirit's presence is so obvious you can feel it and then within 30 minutes "someone just stole your peace"? Think about all that's happened to Jacob, he was manipulative to say the least with his brother and Jacob left home in order to save his life from the very person who is coming at him with 400 men! Yep, the memory of God's presence, wrestling match and all peace is gone. Jacob is now in emergency, save my life and everything I have, mode.

    Vs. 4 is where Jacob goes from fear and returns to joy because some where along the Esau has had a huge change of heart. The Bible doesn't let us know anything about Esau's complete turn around, but it's obvious there has been one! Jacob and Esau's reunion sounds wonderful! They had some catch up time and Esau is ready to lead Jacob back to Seir.

    It looks like Jacob is letting Esau think he's just going at a slow pace and will eventually get to where Esau is wanting to lead him to. Esau even offered some of his men for protection, but Jacob declines. It makes me think Jacob still isn't all that sure about Esau. But instead of going to Seir, Jacob heads to Shechem and buys a plot of land from the family of Hamor, the father of Shechem. Jacob builds an altar and names it El-Elohe-Israel, which means "God, the God of Israel".

    My Michelle Moment for Gen. Chapter 33 is: Based on the things that we read in chapter 33 and will read in 34, I wonder did Jacob just react and do his own thing or did he ask God to lead his path? The Bible doesn't reveal this to us, but causes me to think about my own life. I haven't always asked God what He wants me to do before making many decisions. I haven't kept a complete tally on it, but I know most times I was very reactive to negative emotions and it didn't go well. What if I take a pause to consult my creator and the creator of the universe of my next step, even while I'm in a negative emotion? I don't think I've done that very much. It's hard to think when emotions are high, especially negative emotions, but I'll never know unless I try.

    Thanks for reading, Michelle Yeager

  • Genesis 32 (2.4.24)

    Genesis 32

    This was where I read today. I had a few "aha moments". These are things I see in a new way. 32:7 Jacob was terrified Esau was still livid and wanted to kill him. So, he went to the Lord in vs. 9. Maybe Jacob was reminding God of what God had said to Jacob, but what that looks like in my prayers in times like these is: "God, I know you told me ________, at least I think that's what You told me... Is that what You told me? I'm coming to You again because in my current circumstances, I see no way for this to work out the way I'm pretty sure You told me it would. I need some confirmation, Lord, please. In this passage, Jacob tells God that he's not worthy of all God has shown him. Jacob's men reported 400 men with Esau, I think Jacob thought Esau was ready to carry out his threats from years ago. Jacob asks God to rescue him. He admits his fear and then again reminds himself, God or both what God promised through him- mind you, it's not lining up with what Jacob's current situation.

    Jacob actually wrestles with God all night, have you ever done that? Well, this time it says Jacob wins. I think Jacob won in that God blessed him. But maybe God will give me more clarity on that next year! God gives Jacob a new name: Israel. Israel, formerly Jacob, builds an altar to God (instead of a pillar) and for the first time, Jacob, I mean Isreal, calls God HIS God, not just the God of his father and grandfather. It sounds like he had a real personal experience with God. It reminds me of when we accept Jesus and experience Him and acknowledge Jesus as the ONLY way to God, we get a new name: Christian! Be blessed! ~Michelle Yeager

  • GENESIS 18 (7.2.22)

    God listens and answers our prayers. 

    Abraham asked God to save the righteous people in a bold way before he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham started with asking God if there were 50 righteous people in Sodom, if he would spare their lives. And he boldly, went down to 5. God said he would spare even 5 and he did. 

    This seems like a really bold prayer request. Abraham was pleading for Lot and his families earthly lives to be extended. He was also asking God to not punish them because of other's immorality and maybe some of Lot and his family's immoral behavior. When we pray for someone else, it's called intercessory prayer. And God answered Abraham's prayer!

    Have you prayed boldly to God for someone? Maybe you asked God to heal them, or save them from addiction, or something else. God seems to like to use us in this way. I've prayed boldly for some people and sometimes God answers the way I pray and sometimes He doesn't. He's God, I'm ok with that. But I think there have been many times I've been blessed with answers and benefited with at least a few more years with some loved ones.

    Who can you pray for like Abraham prayed for Lot and his family? I always ask for God's will, I think that's what Abraham was doing to when he prayed.

    Be blessed, Michelle Yeager